The Sneaaker Style About

Alexander Montalto, born in Latina, Italy in 1982, is a lawyer, photographer and founder of The Sneaker Style. Passionate about sneakers, I’m a tireless observer, curious, and always looking for new stimuli.

I believe that real fashion takes inspiration from the street, springing from diversity and personal expressiveness. Style is its natural evolution, as everyone has their own rules.

I love street style, and real and spontaneous situations. Fragments of everyday life become the setting for those who dare to play with style, for them to become designers themselves and inspire creativity in others.

My lens captures outfits in the streets of the world: its undisputed protagonists are the people I serendipitously come across in their daily life! They are people that make me take a second look, appreciate a detail, and captivate me with their style, energy, personality and, inevitably of course, their sneakers!

With my shots I hope to excite you and inspire your style!